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Embrace Your Body | Embrace Your Sensuality | Unleash Your Goddess

Hey there, I'm Yvette Keyes... and I'm your life’s new BFF.

I’ve been where you are…feeling less than confident, worried about what others would think of me and my choices, resentful for putting everyone before me. I was frustrated and felt trapped. I believed there was no place for me and that I was going to have to settle for whatever life gave me, but boy was I wrong. 
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Why Me?
I have tried and tested methods to offer you the highest level of support that you need in order to ignite the magic within you. Magic comes from your fun and playful side.  I use these methods myself so I know they work! 

I am your sister and when you win, I win!

I have worked with hundreds of women and can’t wait to help empower you to live the life you’ve been dreaming about. The amazing life that feels like you! 

We're all goddesses and it's time to embrace that. We as women have so many layers and each one is a different expression of that goddess. Each layer is valid. Each layer is real and it's what makes you the gorgeous goddess that you are. Each Experience at Flirt Life University will help you tap into the different layers, revealing the authentic you that is magical and shines as bright as the stars.

When was the last time you felt comfortable in your body and completely home just being yourself? In a world that tells you how wrong you are I remind you why you're right.

It's time to reconnect with one another, it's time to reconnect with ourselves. Our feminine nature is what makes us magical, and that is more than enough.