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Because you should be flirting with life, not fighting it! 

Flirt Life University's is here to help women get past overwhelm, anxiety and fears that hold you back in life. You’ll get tools and guidance to help you look at your life differently and create it in a way that feels good. We are here to celebrate you and your authentic self.

I want to help you, be your best you. 

When you hear people talk about wellness it always seems to be in reference to you losing weight. I believe wellness is about your mind, your body and your spirit. 

Wellness isn't JUST about having a healthy body.

People gladly invest hundreds of dollars in gym memberships, diet programs and things that will make their outside look good and then wonder why they STILL don’t feel like they thought they would after.

Sound familiar?

Are you tired of feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or just plain old stuck in life?

Then it's time for you to make the investment in you.

We will build a sisterhood of women who support one another instead of compete with or tear each other down. This is a safe atmosphere, free from judgement to help you make the positive changes you want in your life. In the end you'll have a life that feels more like you without all the worries of bending yourself to fit a mold that wasn't made for you. 

Do you ever find yourself saying any of these things...

* This can't be my life

* I don't have the time/energy to do anything for myself cause I'm worn out from everything else

* I miss the woman I used to be

* I wish I had confidence like that

The list goes on and on, but if you do, then this is the community for you because I believe you should be Flirting with life, not fighting it!